Dad Bod…What The Heck?!?

I recently saw a news story  (on Buzzfeed) where women were warm for Chris Pratt’s form as he was sporting a post Star Lord… “Dad Bod”. Now to be sure he is Chris Pratt and well… I also sport the dad bod.

Urban Dictionary defines Dad Bod:  A male body type that is best described as “softly round.” It’s built upon the theory that once a man has found a mate and fathered a child, he doesn’t need to worry about maintaining a sculpted physique.

The question that keeps me awake at night is, Why is this even a thing that needs be named? Despite Urban Dictionary’s elucidations, I don’t believe there has ever been a conscious decision to “let ones self go” because they had found a mate… It is more like, life happens–more grazing on half eaten Happy Meals and less getting swoll at the  Muscle Beach.

I think I am going to go have a nice salad.






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